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NVG, Inc.'s range of small plastic laser diode collimating lenses are ideal for short focal length collimation of laser diode sources. NVG, Inc. also provides lens in our threaded brass housing to be used in conjunction with our collimating tube/heat- sink assembly to manufacture your own laser module.
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PRODUCT # NVG-600-7 NVG-600-4 NVG-800-7
Design Wavelength 670-635nm 670-635nm 690-940nm
Numerical Aperture 0.48 .38 0.45
Focal Length 4.60mm (+/-.1mm) 3.35 (+/-.1mm) 3.33mm (+/-.1mm)
Back Focal Length 3.07mm (+/-.1mm) 2.07mm (+/-.1mm) 2.01mm (+/-.1mm)
FWD (Free Working Distance) 2.28mm (+/-.1mm) 1.97mm (+/-.1mm) 1.33mm (+/-.1mm)
Field Radius >.1mm >.05mm >.1mm
Transmittance (single pass) / Not Coated >90% >90% >90%
Coated Lens >95% N/A >95%
RMS wavefront aberration / On axis <30m <40m <50m
..........Total <60m <65m <135m
Clear Aperture 4.4mm 2.5mm 4.5mm
Lens Thickness & Diameter 2.7mm x 7.4mm 3.0mm x 4.0mm 2.7mm x 7.4mm
Operating Temperature 5<T<+65 Degrees C 5<T<+65 Degrees C 5<T<+65 Degrees C
Storage Temperature -25<T<+70 Degrees C -25<T<+70 Degrees C -25<T<+70 Degrees C
Stability IEC68 IEC68 IEC68

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