NVG - Laser Diode Module Housing Kit

The NVG, Inc. Laser Diode Housing Kit allows the user to develop a complete OEM laser module by using all the following components along with laser diode and APC circuit (diode & circuit supplied upon request).

Features and Specs:

  • Half Hard High Quality Brass
  • Parts threaded for ease of assembly
  • Accepts 9mm or 5.6mm laser diodes
  • 5.6 to 9mm adapter
  • Adjustable lens housing
  • Lens housing accepts 7mm lenses

Custom Laser Diode Module Housings Available:  Call for details

micro_housing_kit_copy.JPG (11280 bytes)

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15mm kit copy.JPG (5496 bytes)

Click images for larger view and additional details


6.4mm MicroModule Housing Kit

10.4mm Module Housing Kit

15mm Module Housing Kit

  Barrel Specs:
  2 Pieces 12 - 56 Thread
  Dia:  6.4mm Length: 17mm
  Barrel Specs:
  3/8 - 56 Thread
  Dia: 10.4mm Length: 17mm
  Barrel Only Specs:
  3/8 - 56 Thread
  Dia. 15mm Length: 33.5mm
  Lens Housing Specs:
  12 - 56 Thread
  3mm Aperture 4mm Plastic Lens
  Collect Specs:
  3/8 - 56 Thread
  4.3mm Aperture
  Barrel With Cap:
  Dia. 16.2mm Length: 46.4mm
  Cap Dia: 16.2mm Cap is knurled
  Lens Housing Specs:
  3/8 - 56 Thread
  3.7mm Aperture 7mm Plastic Lens
  Lens Housing Specs:
  3/8 - 56 Thread
  3.7mm Aperture 7mm Plastic Lens
SAMPLE PRICE:  $21.00 SAMPLE PRICE:  $20.00  SAMPLE PRICE: $26.00 w/Cap $4.00 extra

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